The Art of Suzanne Lowry

Metalwork with a feminine touch

Divas- Exploring the feminine mystique with whimsical poses and topics of interest to women.

          Sculpture that begins with an armature of recycled materials in the manner of the sculpture of Edgar Degas.

          Covered with copper and other metals, embellished with semiprecious stones and mosaic bases.

Sculpture on the Rocks - Depicting persons, places and things of interest in an unusual perspective.

          Sculpture that merges clay and soldered copper on bases of golden and silver quartz or other stone.

GlasScapes and Time Machines Teasing the imagination with abstract constructs.

          Sculpture that combines steel rods, clock and machine parts, and other findings with art glass and soldered copper

          on a micaceous iron-oxide coated base.

Wearable Sculpture - Making  it possible to take your sculpture wherever you go.

          One-of-a-kind jewelry, as well as small sculptures that contain removable jewelry, made with the same

           sculptural process as the larger works.