The Art of Suzanne Lowry

Suzanne Lowry combines a lifelong love of photography, painting, art glass, pottery, mixed media, assemblage, and construction techniques to create her unique award-winning soldered copper sculpture.  She frequently includes a touch of humor or fantasy in an unexpected perspective of the subject.

Recycled materials frequently compose the armature, which is either covered with incised, shaped, soldered, and plated copper and other metals or left exposed as part of the composition, in the same manner as the sculpture of Edgar Degas.  Some sculpture incorporates her eclectic experience with art glass, fired clay, semiprecious stones, and other embellishments in the design.

Bases may be silver or golden quartz, sponge rock, or casting cement, often coated with micaceous iron oxide or covered in a grouted mosaic of glass, shell, clay pieces, tile, or stone.

Metalwork with a feminine touch